Episode 2: USA BRANDS SPECIAL! Interview with JUST plus cooking with Beyond Meat

Despite extreme challenges putting a dent in economies around the globe, we've seen a number of American companies signing up to exhibit and sponsor Plant Based World Europe. What is enticing them to push into the European market? Make sure you watch this special edition of the Plant Based World Show to find out. This month's episode features an interview with David Wagstaff, Executive Director at JUST Europe, who is leading their way into the UK market via our show. It also features resident chef Richard Fox demonstrating the qualities of the Beyond Meat burger by cooking it at home, and showing the versatility of The Jackfruit Company's catering jackfruit, using it to create vegan tuna-style fish cakes. Find the full recipes here!



We know how challenging it's been with COVID-19 temporarily wiping so many events from your calendars. But here at Plant Based World Europe, we wanted to make sure you don't miss out on any of the excitement, innovation and inspiration.
That's why we're introducing Plant Based World Show, our digital series that combines the greatest elements of our Conference and Expo to get you excited for the event in 2021. 
Find interviews with some of the biggest brands in our industry, educational segments about the latest trends, and our very own presenter Richard Fox whipping up some delicious dishes in his test kitchen so you can recreate them at home and get inspired.


Presented by Richard Fox. We speak to our founding partners John O'Connor from Follow Your Heart and Derek Snow from The Meatless Farm Co to find out more about their brands. Richard cooks up an authentic vegan spanish tortilla without the eggs, whips up some creamy garlic mushrooms with Nooj cashew paste and stir frys some LoveSeitan in a homemade blackbean sauce. Find the full recipes here!