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13-14th November 2024, ExCeL London

Celebrating the best of the plant-based industry.


Decision makers responsible for purchasing plant-based products are hungry to discover their next best-selling product. With so many companies providing plant-based items, it’s more important than ever to source the right product for your customers and your business: great tasting, appealing presentations, sustainable packaging and attractive margins. The Plant-Based Excellence Awards are a new comprehensive awards scheme judging against these credentials that will champion the excellence coming from this industry.

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With 17 categories spanning sweet, savoury, meat-mimics, ready-meals and everything in-between, the entries will be judged not only on their taste, but how they will perform for businesses. Judged by panels of buyers and industry advisors, the products will be assessed on their taste, appearance, branding, sustainability and value chain, taking into consideration the margins they can offer. 

Meat Alternatives 🥩 incl. meat-mimic burgers, sausages, bacon, chicken, beef, pork

Fish and Seafood Alternatives🐟 incl. fish, shellfish, crustaceans

Wholefoods🌱 incl. tofu, tempeh, vegetable-based centre-of-plate products

Ready Meals 🍲 incl. ready meals, prepared pizza

Deli Products🥪 incl. pies, rolls, cold cuts, pastries, dips, pate, smoked foods

Dairy Alternatives🥛 incl. milks, yogurts, creams, spreads

Dairy Alternatives Cheese 🧀

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts🍦

Egg Replacements🥚

Baked Goods 🍞 incl. bread, cakes, biscuits, confections

Savoury Snacking🍟 incl. crisps, popcorn, nuts

Sweet Snacking🍫 incl. confectionary, sweets, chocolate

Cold Beverages🥤

Hot Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages🍷

Condiments, Preserves and Ferments🥫

Innovative Ingredients 🧪



Exhibitor Rate

1 free entry

£75 per product per category

Non-Exhibitor Rate

£100 per product per category


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  • 1st July:

    Entries Open

  • 9th August:

    Awards Entry Deadline

  • 23rd August:

    Products Sent for Judging Deadline

  • 23rd September:

    Judging Week

  • 14th October:

    Winners Notified

  • 13th November:

    Awards Ceremony @ Plant Based World Expo Europe

Do you have an exceptional
Plant-Based product?

Head to our awards entry platform by following the button below. You will also need to submit an ingredients deck and product/point of sale images to support your application. 

Entry Policy

By entering the Plant-Based Excellence Awards you are agreeing to submit your product for judging by a panel of selected buyers and food industry experts selected by JD Events Ltd.

JD Events Ltd reserves the right to promote your involvement with the awards. This includes sharing the following information you have submitted: your company name, product name, company bio, product bio and any images of the product you have submitted.

All other information you submit will be treated as strictly condifential and only be shared with judges for the purpose of judging your entry.

Submitting an entry does not guarantee winning. Entries cannot be withdrawn, and no refunds will be issued for any reason.