Company Information and Description

Ingredion is a leading global ingredients solutions company. We make plant-based proteins, sweeteners, starches, food systems and biomaterials that are used by customers in everyday products from foods and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals. The future of protein is plant-based, and pulses are leading the way. At Ingredion, our knowhow, process expertise and flexibility can enable you to rapidly produce on-trend, in-demand products for today's consumers and the world we all share. We bring our extensive portfolio of sustainable plant-protein solutions and formulation expertise to help customers bring products with consumer-preferred taste, texture and nutrition to market. These nutritional wonders are rich in protein and fiber, free of GMOs and allergens. We have a broad range of pulse flours, protein concentrates, protein isolates and textured pulse proteins which are mainly based on pea, faba beans and lentils. They enable clean labels and on-trend claims that set your products apart and strengthen their appeal, especially for consumers exploring beyond soy and wheat protein. Both taste and texture are mission critical for plant-based protein adoption. Ingredion has developed a range of ultra-performance plant protein concentrates and flours, sustainably manufactured which have a cleaner flavour profile. This product line recently won the 'best plant-based sustainability' award at the Plant-based World Expo in New York last September. Texture is also a key attribute to focus on too in the future. Our textured pulse protein range will expand our extensive formulation and applications capabilities for plant-based solutions. Discover everything you need to be what's next with our full portfolio of plant-based protein solutions.

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