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Wednesday, November 30, 2022  |  10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Open to All Attendees!

Creating a Market: How the plant-based food industry was born

Craig Sams
Co-founder, Green & Blacks
Seth Tibbott
Founder, Tofurky
Tim Finnigan
Chief Scientific Officer, Quorn

The term “plant-based” was coined in 1980 by the biochemist, T. Colin Campbell who wanted to take the politics out of eating a better diet, but this industry wasn’t booming like it is today back in the 80s.


In our opening keynote for Plant Based World Expo Europe 2022, we’re joined by some of the pioneers of this space, looking at how plant-based food has exploded into the mainstream with stories told by the early disruptors who championed animal and dairy-free products.


Find out where Tofurkys live, how the first veggie burger came about, and how Quorn’s mycoprotein core has stood the test of time and inspired new horizons of the future of food.